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Polk makes an insane laydown on High Stakes Poker

Polk makes an insane laydown on Excessive Stakes Poker

SPOILER WARNING – each season of Excessive Stakes Poker offers us with a hand that shall be talked about for years and that is the most recent.

In case you are not watching the most recent season of Excessive Stakes Poker on PokerGO, the present’s trailer promised a hand for the ages and this might need been it. 

With stakes at $200/$400, Phil raises from early place to $1,100 with Q T and known as by James Bord holding 2 2 and Polk on the Button with T 7, the blinds fold.

The flop is J 9 8 giving Polk the 2nd nut straight and Hellmuth the nut straight.

Bord bets $2,000 into the $12,900 pot, Polk raises to $7,000 and Hellmuth rapidly goes all-in for $97,200. Bord folds.

Doug Polk final night time on PokerGO

No insta name from Polk and he clearly knew he was in a foul spot the second Hellmuth put his chips within the center. In his personal phrases “I am both lifeless or you may have a ton of fairness towards me” signalling that Polk felt Hellmuth had the nuts, or at the least a set/massive flush draw that might outdraw him. 

The opposite gamers on the desk began making facet bets on who had one of the best hand and Polk even confirmed his hand earlier than folding to attempt to elicit some form of response from Phil. However after about 4 minutes Polk did certainly fold the hand in what could have been one of the best laydown within the present’s historical past. 

Might this have been a foul long run fold or was it genius from Polk? Tell us within the feedback: