We all know that slot machines are quite fun. In fact, when you’re in a casino, whether it’s physical or online, you’re looking for these machines for all the fun they offer. But there are some games that stand out more than others, and this is the perfect case of Book of Ra.


For those who don’t know, the Book of Ra machine game is a slot created by the people of Novomatic . Its theme has to do with one of the most popular in these games, which is ancient Egypt. Only in this case, you put yourself in the shoes of an adventurer who looks for the treasures found in these lands so far away.

With respect to the symbols, they maintain the classic values of the cards, from 10 to Ace. And among the symbols that differ in this game, you will be able to find the archaeologist, beetles and different sarcophagi with clear references to mummies.

The design of the game has to do with five rows long by three wide, which makes for many it can be a much more classic cut game. You can have a maximum of nine pay lines, which makes it even more interesting. However, Book of Ra slot games are completely out of the mold, as they offer unlimited fun. And while it is true that the original version may be very basic for some, the game also has its Book of Ra Deluxe version. Which has better animations and sounds for a better gaming experience.

The main objective of this machine is to connect with at least three symbols, and a maximum of five to obtain different bonuses. Of course, this has to be from left to right and we will have other symbols that will help us improve our game. In this case, the book symbol as such, the “Book of Ra” functions as a wild card, as well as scattering and for bonuses. If it is the case of wild card, you can quietly substitute any other symbol to achieve better winning combinations. If two or more symbols appear, you receive a dispersion prize that increases according to the symbols you get. This is summarized in x2 with three, x20 with four and x200 with five. Finally for the bonus, you can choose a symbol randomly in a round of free spins that can be ten.


As we have already mentioned, it is very simple, apart from that you already know what you have to do in order to get many of your prizes. However, you must understand that in order to obtain benefits, you must play it for a long time. In this situation, the best advice is that you can download the Book of Ra game from any website or play some version of the Book of Ra free slot. In this way, you will have a much more practical idea of this machine and you can beat the house playing with a certain level of experience. Do not forget that there are also options on the net for the game of Book of Ra without downloading, such as our website Wplay.co, where you can not only play this game but also Sizzling Hot totally free. This can help you a lot to keep practicing.

Once you want to bet on real money, you just have to place your bet and on the same machine, you can adjust how much you want to bet per spin. To do this, you will have the option to adjust with the more or less buttons that are on the screen. Of course, the more lines you choose, the more opportunities you have to make better combinations and achieve more rounds of free spins.


The detail of Book of Ra is that its RTP average is usually well below the standard. This means that although some sites claim that it has more than 95%, many others place it at just over 92% . It is a possibility that every four turns you can win something, although in most cases the profits may be somewhat low for what many expect.


The most important trick that many experts in this slot machine can tell you is that you bet few amounts. In this way, the machine can gradually release prizes. But the best virtue is patience, since many of these machines are set up so you can play for a long time. Once you realize that the game is being more benevolent and giving more prizes, that’s where you can bet a little harder.