The Zeus slot machine is one of the most played in all of Colombia and you have it available in several of the online casino that offer online gaming services in Colombia . In a large number of web pages, you can play for free to familiarize yourself with the game and know how to play at all times. It is also important that you know how it works to devise strategies and tricks to have more chances to earn money on it.


It is very important that you know the composition of the slot machine that you are going to play since it will be easier for you to win in it and not to stop trying new things in the free version. Zeus is a slot based on the father of gods and men, as it was called in Greek mythology. The feeling it gives at first sight is that it is something old, although Colombian players like it for its simplicity and ease when playing. The size of the slot machine is the standard since it is made up of 5 chips in width and 3 in length , which means that there is no strange change compared to other slot machines .

The game is made up of chips with different repercussions in Greek mythology. Among the most outstanding pieces, we can find multiple characteristic objects of the time such as a harp, mythological horse or ships of that time. You can also see coins and the most important aspect, the face of Zeus that gives special prizes if you are able to collect them. It is not essential to know what each card is about, but it can be useful to know which ones award the biggest prizes.

In the game controls there are some configurations that you may not know, you can activate the AutoPlay button although it is not recommended since you will not have the real notion of whether the game session is being fruitful or not. The Pegasus, the hand of Zeus, ancient coins and vessels are the most prominent objects in this slot machine.


Another essential aspect is to know the multiple ways to earn money after having familiarized yourself with the free version. Once you play for real money, the Zeus slot machine offers 5 reels and 30 pay lines , which will award prizes according to the investment we made in each play. The amount of lines to play is configurable by the player himself and they can also establish the money they want to risk for each spin. In some online casinos you can get free spins as it is part of the welcome bonus of some companies.

The strategies that you devise in the free version are important since you will realize what really works and you can implement for real money. The free version is the same as that of any online casino that offers online slot machines, with the only difference that you don’t earn real money. The really important thing is that the composition is the same and there are no changes when playing in it.


It is essential to know how to earn money and how to play in this type of slot machines. It is advisable to first experience experience in the free version and once you are familiar, you can register at an online casino and start playing for real money, which is really what creates excitement in any of your gaming sessions. While you play in the free version, you have the possibility of going to realize what is the best way to play to get more benefits and what is the best amount to risk. In this slot machine you can get eight free spins every time you manage to combine 3 lightning symbols , something a priori not very complicated.

The strategies or tricks that you find on some websites are not the most recommended, it is important that you try everything you can think of in the free version to certify if it is really profitable or not. The software developed by the slot machine is WMS, a company with considerable experience in the online gaming market and Colombian players can enjoy most of their slots in some online casinos.


The best advice you can apply to your game sessions is that at the beginning you invest little money until you have a well-controlled tactic that makes you earn real money. It is essential that you take advantage of the free version and gradually improve your game until you become true experts who know everything about the Zeus slot machine . You don’t have to follow anyone’s strategy, just try things and create your own tactics so that your gaming experience is as fruitful as possible.